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Welcome to whatztruth.com

This site is devoted to the pursuit of seeking out the Truth. There are many "truths" in this world, but not every one that claims to be the Truth is in fact the Truth. We hope that we can help shed some light on what the Truth is. We want to make perfectly clear that we are not saying that we know all the answers, but we know the right questions. This is the start of any successful fact finding expedition ... asking the right questions and then seeking for the answers, and not settling for the first answer that is offered but keeping our hearts and minds open in our search for the Truth. A closed heart and mind can learn nothing, and so we hope that you decide to seriously seek the Truth while it may be found. We will give you some food for thought and get you started on your journey to finding out the Truth. We invite you to share with us any insights or experiences that you have had that may help others in their journey to enlightenment.

Before we go any further ... we would like the reader to know that this site is an apologetic site for the Christian faith. That being said you have one of two choices ... letting your curiosity cause you to read on and explore this site or closing this page satisfied that you know all the answers to life’s questions. You may say ... "well curiosity killed the cat", but isn't it also said that "curiosity is the mother of all invention". Curiosity in and of itself is not a bad thing ... it is how it is used and in what circumstance it is used that it can either be a bad or good thing in our lives. Indeed life itself is an exploration and revelation of the curiosities all around us. From the time we are born it is our inbred curiosity that causes us to grow in knowledge and wisdom, the four W's & H being our favorite questions. Life is a learning experience and one can never truly finish learning all the things there are to learn in this life. Those who decide that life is not worth living and choose to end their lives, or choose to escape life by other means, do not know how to really live their lives to the fullest the way God intended. They have not discovered the significance and reason for their life and so abandon its pursuit. Life is precious and is not meant to be squandered or tossed away so callously.
The creation of this site was God inspired and did not happen overnight. First the name of the site had to be planned around the quest “WHAT IS TRUTH?” which was to be the theme for this site. The concept for this site was developed several years ago. The name whatztruth.com was finally decided upon and a search for a website host was undertaken. After a few months the site whatztruth.com came into existence, but only a ‘Under Construction” sign could be found there since the spring of 2012 as the direction for this site was prayerfully meted out. Several times this site was slated to open and each time we were told to wait. When you stop and think about it … most people would think that paying out all that money for a website and letting it remain idle would be a waste, but we did not want to rush ahead and wanted to do things in God’s perfect timing. Still, even though we have finally opened up the site to the public we are fully aware that God is not finished with this work … there is still allot left to do, but are prayerful it will be done in accordance with His will.
So ... are you ready to take a mind boggling journey? We can promise you that it won't be boring, but then that all depends on you. Will you really get into it or just skim the surface. Let's be honest ... "the experience" is really all up to what your attitude is like towards this venture. You can say you went to the beach, but just standing on the shore is not the same as getting into the water, and just standing knee high in the water is not the same as diving into the depths. We hope you take the plunge and decide to live life to the fullest and not settle for the status quo.

Now let’s look at our site structure.
First, not included in our site map to the left is ourHidden Manna” section ... this contains blogs on various inspirational topics. If you want to know what the Bible says about various topics, this is the place to go. You are permitted to comment on all the blogs in this section, but be advised that comments from those who have no respect for the personal rights of others will be edited or removed at our discretion. Also, unrelated comments (spam) will also be removed.

For the Christian, the Bible is the guide to learning to live life the way God intended us to live it. If you don't believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, that is your choice, but you should respect the views of others who chose to believe in it. You see, Christianity is a personal walk with God. Christians cannot force you to accept their beliefs any more than you can stop them from believing in what they know in their hearts to be the Truth. Sadly both these have been tried in the past with devastating results. Many atrocities have been committed in the name of God by people calling themselves Christians who did not know the will of God and throughout the ages believers have been persecuted by both non-Christians and by wolves in the sheepfold that were placed there by Satan in an effort to destroy the work of God. You will find that some of the blogs relate personal experiences of various persons and how these experiences have caused them to grow in their faith and in wisdom. It is said that wisdom is gained from life's experiences ... from one's mistakes and successes ... and from listening to the wise council of others. Note: To protect people’s privacy all names have been changed or only first names used.
Why is this section hidden and not included in our site structure? Well it is simple … remember Jesus spoke in parables to the crowds, but to His disciple’s He spoke plainly about the Truth. Why did He do that? This is where our quest comes in … the question the governor Pontius Pilate asked Jesus … “What is Truth”? He asked this after Jesus said, “I have come into the world to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice.”(John 18:37b) Jesus spoke the truth plainly to his disciples because his disciples had been chosen by God to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but not to the crowds who were following Him only because of His notoriety and the free handouts of food they received (Matthew 13:10-11); (John 6:26-69).  According to God’s inspired word … the Truth will only be found by the chosen few who seek for it wholeheartedly. (Deuteronomy 4:29) (Jeremiah 29:13) (John 14:6) Are you one of those few whom God has chosen to find the Truth? (Matthew 22:14)

Our Image Gallery is listed on our Site Map to the left. Here you will find images and photos of interest that we would like to share with you.

Also listed in our Site Map is our Favorite Links to various sites. Feel free to check them out as they may help in your search for the Truth. If you have any sites you think we should add, please let us know about them.

If you wish to contact us, please go to our contact page which is listed on our Site Map.

We know that we are starting out small here ... like a mustard seed... but as more of you share with us your insights into the Truth the more dynamic this site will become. We will strive to represent in the light of His truth, all those who are called by God to serve as ambassadors of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to God be all the glory and honor. Amen.

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