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Here you will find links to various sites that might be helpful in your search for The Truth. We are not affiliated with any church denomination or with any of the organizations whose sites are listed below in our favorite URL's. Not everyone has all the answers to every question ... that is why it is important to seek out various sources when searching for answers, much like when one is doing a complete biography on an individual ... they check with all their family and friends, co-workers, with every person that individual has had contact with to find out as much as they can to get as clear a picture as they can as to who that person really was. Even then ... only God truly knows who you are ... past, present and future ... no one else does ... not even you.

AMAZING FACTS is a dynamic multifaceted ministry which is committed to proclaiming the gospel of Christ to the entire world. They offer allot of free resources to those who are seeking the Truth including a free online library and bible school. Online resource books and lessons are offered in several languages including Chinese, English, French, German, Romanian, Spanish, and Swedish.

AMES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MINISTRY offers 22 life changing online courses free of charge. These courses are based on the first two years of Ames Christian University curriculum. Students can change to the accredited program at any time by paying a modest payment per course. Ideal for those who can't afford to attend a bible college, or do not have the time ... all courses are self-paced and available in pdf format for download to your computer, Iphone, Ipod, Ipad and most reading tablets. We have downloaded the courses and after examining them we can say that they are generic and seem doctrinally sound. We suggest that when you are taking the courses that you confer with your pastor or parent. They want someone of integrity to mark your self-test exams, so it would be a good idea to have your pastor or parent do it for you. Although they have an online Christian Community called Faith-Space (their version of MySpace) where over 10,000 of their students and other Christian members can socialize, it would be good if you could study with someone or a group (offline). Not everyone has the discipline to home school themselves. Still it is worth a look and you have nothing to lose. If you want you can take all 22 courses and not pay them anything ... you just won't get accreditation ... but you will walk away with a much better understanding of the Bible.

BEHIND THE BADGE is a site created by Ralph Dettwiler who was at one time a Deputy Sheriff. It is very inspirational and down to earth. Ralph is seeking out the Truth and sharing what God has revealed to him, much like we are striving to do on this site. His site is worth the visit and has allot to offer those who are hurting and who feel life has dealt them a bad hand. His section on "Once Saved, Always Saved?" is featured as a resource for our blog "Once Saved, Always Saved?" in our Hidden Manna Section. Thank you Ralph and God bless your ministry.

BIBLE GATEWAY is an excellent online resource for reading or listening to various versions of the Bible in various languages. The Bible can be searched in your preferred version and language using keywords, phrases or scripture references, then with the click of a mouse you can change to a different version for comparison. Comparing the various translations can be helpful in revealing the Truth found in scripture. Their site also offers other features such as verse a day, Bible commentaries, devotionals, and other study tools. You can now even download the widget from Apple Stores to allow you to access their site on your Ipad, Ipod or Iphone.

CARM (Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry) is a non-profit, Christian ministry dedicated to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ and the promotion and defense of the Christian gospel, doctrine and theology.

CHRISTIANBOOKS.COM is the online home of Christian Book Distributors (CBD), the world's largest distributor of Christian resources. They take online payment with PayPal now and their prices are very competitive.

CHRISTIANPENPALS.COM has over 14,000 members in 175 countries. You can post your own free penpal ad - No membership required. Members can meet in the online chat room here.

CROSSROADS MINISTRIES ... We would like to congratulate Crossroads in reaching their 50th anniversary. We have been watching 
100 Huntley Street for many years now and wish to thank David Maines for starting this ministry which has ministered to so many all over the world. We have heard that he has been having health issues since April 2012 and our prayers go out to him. We pray that God preserve his life until he completes all that God has set out for him to accomplish in Christ Jesus. Our word from God to you David Maines and to all who are in ministry is found in 2 Corinthians 5:1-21. God bless you and yours.

GOD-TUBE ... "the Christian answer to You-Tube". Allot of Christians we have talked to have never heard of God-Tube before, so we thought we would mention them here. God-Tube strives to have 100% Christian content ... we wish them all the best in that endeavour. We must admit that unlike You-Tube, there is less chance that your Christian video will be flamed by non-Christian extremists. The only drawback that we see is that non-Christians ... those that need to hear God's message ... all hang out on You-Tube and like the many Christians we have talked to ... don't even know that God-Tube exists.

THE CHRISTIAN POST is an online newspaper dedicated to delivering up-to-date news, information, and commentaries relevant to the Christian community. Thousands of Christians check out the site on a daily basis.

THE VOICE OF THE MARTYRS is a Canadian non-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping, loving and encouraging persecuted Christians worldwide.

Victory Life Church is affiliated with Victory Churches of Canada and Victory Churches International. You will find on this site the Bible Resource "Through the Bible in a Year"
here and the Podcasts of inspirational Sunday Morning messages here. Pastor Debrecen is a man who loves God and is a very down to earth speaker and loved by his congregation. We are sure you will find his podcasts interesting.

WHY I HATE RELIGION, BUT LOVE JESUS is a poem written and orated by Jefferson Bethke and uploaded to You-Tube on January 10, 2012. It has to date received over 26 million views.


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