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How Persecution Is Coming To North America
The Word of God speaks of how during the three and a half year reign of the Anti-Christ that the church will go through a time of great persecution. Like the time of the Roman Emperor Nero, the government set down laws which made being a Christian illegal … even though they tolerated other religions. The Nazi’s during WW II did the same thing to God’s chosen people … the Jews. Millions of Jews were sent to the gas chamber just because of their ethnic origins and beliefs. Even though there are countries (like Muslim countries) where Christians are persecuted today, many wonder how in a democratic society which prides itself on freedom of speech and religion this would even be allowed.
Over 35 years ago God showed me that homosexuality would be accepted and gay marriages performed as one of the signs that He will be coming soon to set up His millennial kingdom. Also that anyone speaking out against homosexuality which is clearly taught in scripture to be immoral and an abomination to God would be persecuted, that churches would be burned. Well this is happening now in North America and in other countries legalizing sinful practices and making it illegal to say anything against these laws, saying these teachings are a violation of the rights of Gay minorities (homosexuals and lesbians)  and those who get and perform abortions. These things must come … but whoa to those through whom they come … those in government who have voted in these abominable laws that allow these evil practices will be held accountable, along with those who are caught up in them. The governments of these countries have and will display hypocrisy to the max by passing laws which protect the rights of minorities at the expense of the rights of the majority … all in the guise that what they are doing is right and forcing the majority who are spiritually blind to accept these laws … a prime example of the blind leading the blind. I know of many who are not gay saying it is okay to be gay, but if they only knew the eternal consequences … they would not wish anyone to be gay or live in unrepentant sin if it meant spending an eternity in the fires of hell.
A prime example of these trends is the recent election in Alberta, Canada. One of the candidates of the opposition party which lead in the popularity polls going into the election was a pastor of a Christian church. On his church’s website he posted his stance about homosexuality … that it was morally wrong … and that those who were trapped in this sin would go to hell. A sympathizer for the ruling party tweeted this on the net and the news media picked up on it … not understanding his position they proceeded to dishonorate him … and was persecuted for his beliefs by the majority. The ruling government even chimed in and encouraged this persecution … they had a chance to honorably defend this candidates religious rights and freedom of speech, but chose not to. It was dirty politics to say the least, and a smear campaign that worked. As a result the ruling party got back into power. “So what?” you may ask … “that’s just politics”. Well from this you can see how ones basic rights and freedoms can be compromised, and it is only going to get worse as time goes on and our society falls even deeper into immorality and under the growing influence of Satan and his demons before the great and terrible day of our Lord.
Now am I saying that I am against gay persons on a personal level? Absolutely not!  If I saw someone in need … I would go and help that person, regardless of whether they were gay or not. I remember once a transvestite came into the convenience store I was cashier at in the middle of the night (we were open 24 hrs). Some teens had been harassing him and he came in to the store to escape them. He explained what happened and I offered him a coffee and said I would call a cab for him and saw him safely on his way. After that he would come back at night with some of his friends and would buy things … I suppose in a way to say thanks. Even though I did not agree with his lifestyle … I chose to respect his decision to live the way he had chosen to live, and treat him like I would any other human being. Though now I think back on it … had I been a bit bolder I could have warned him that his lifestyle was not pleasing to the creator of heaven and earth, but at least I got the chance to show him God’s unconditional love and to pray for him. You never know … maybe he is now serving the Lord. That is why you cannot say that just because a person is living in sin now … that he will go to hell … for all that person needs to do is honestly and in all sincerity repent before they die and live out the remainder of their life in obedience to God. Look at the thief on the cross with Jesus. He was a sinner all his life and at first was mocking Jesus with the other thief who was being crucified with them, but then changed his mind and heart towards God and asked Jesus to remember him when He came into His kingdom. Jesus said, “Today you will be with me in paradise”. He wasn’t baptized, or spoke in tongues … did not do any acts of righteousness like give his money to the poor … all he had was his faith in God and a repentant heart (he admitted his guilt and said he was deserving of his punishment but that Jesus had done nothing wrong)… that is all it took for him to get into heaven. But don’t think that once you have been convicted of your sins that you can go on sinning with the thought that just before you die you can ask for forgiveness and everything will be okay. God knows your heart, so you cannot deceive Him even though you are able to deceive others. He cannot be mocked in this way … what you sow ... you shall reap. If you continue sowing to the flesh you will reap destruction, but if you crucify the flesh on a daily basis and sow to the spirit instead you will gain eternal life.
For further study on the persecution of the Church of Christ we suggest you go to this site: http://www.persecution.net/
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